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Scarab II Gen III
Scarab II Gen III
Scarab II Gen III
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NEW Microtech

Scarab II Gen III

Black Handle
# MIC-1278-11AP

Price: € 630.00

The Microtech Scarab II is a high-quality tactical out-the-front knife, based on the original Microtech Ultratech design. Built to withstand extreme conditions, the Scarab II excels in high-intensity covert operations. It is designed for a broad spectrum of utility and close-quarter combat applications, making it ideal for use by qualified law enforcement, military, and government agency operatives. The Scarab II is fabricated to the highest possible standards to ensure reliability and safety. Featuring a one-handed, dual-action out-the-front (OTF) design and a nearly four-inch blade, the Scarab II boasts a large, easy-to-grip handle with non-slip inlays on both sides.

The most popular heavy-duty Microtech OTF, the Scarab II, is back with innovative upgrades. The 2023 updated Scarab II retains the characteristics of its predecessor in both size and style while setting a new standard for OTF technology. On the surface, the 2023 Scarab II is reminiscent of the previous generation. The classic aesthetics of the traction inserts and Torx screw design on the chassis, as well as the familiar glass breaker and pocket clip, bring back one of our favorite OTF styles. The internals, however, put the 2023 Scarab II in a class of its own. Microtech's revolutionary dual-fuel drivetrain system allows for effortless deployment, and the dual spring design propels the blade forward with enough force that deploying the knife underwater does not slow the action. The updated button pocket design reduces friction and facilitates debris displacement, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and cleaning. This latest innovation, combined with a timeless Microtech look, sets a new standard for hard-use, sizable OTF knives.

Overall Length: 24.45cm - 9.625"
Blade Length: 9.84cm - 3.875"
Weight: 164gr - 5.78oz
Blade Material: M390MK Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Black Aluminum with 3M Traction Tape Inserts
Made in: U.S.A.

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