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Spirit Animals Knives

All knives are conceived and designed by BERIC Team. Production is entrusted to the experienced hands of skilled craftsmen from Maniago, a small town in Italy, world-renowned for the manufacture of high-quality knives.

Each knife is equipped with a cord, sheath and custom packaging.



Every day carry and outdoor knife

Stored in your pocket or in your hiking backpack, WOLF is the perfect OUTDOOR knife and for all the times you need a companion in adventure. Always have it with you, or gift it as a wish of independence or as a pledge of loyalty.



Every day carry knife

With its sharp blade and its ergonomic shape, SNAKE is the ultimate EDC knife, for it adapts and suits your EVERY NEED. Always have it with you, or gift it as a wish for healing or as a pledge for a new beginning.




EDC and unpacking knife

EAGLE is the perfect UNPACKING knife. Be it the last parcel purchased online, a package got from a store or a gift box, its sharp blade will surprise you. Always have it with you, or gift it as a wish of foresightedness or as an omen for good news.




EDC and mini kitchen knife

Ergonomic and handy. Thanks to its sharp blade it is the must-have tool for the outdoors, as well as for the urban jungle. Always have it with you, or gift it as a wish of strength and resilience or to send a message of courage.


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