about Finnknives

      In Scandinavia and all of Europe, the Finnish puukko is well known and highly esteemed. These knives are razor sharp, have long edge retention, and are easy to resharpen.

      They are comfortable, practical, lightweight and durable. The "Puukko" is an excellent tool that will endure for many decades. Some are rugged working tools, others are beautiful collector's pieces, but all are made for use.

Finnish people live in a harsh and challenging environment. They survive by living in and with nature. Long ago, they developed a multi purpose survival knife - the Puukko. It was used daily for many kinds of tasks in the home and outdoors. These basic tools are one of the oldest and most traditional of knives still being used today. Most of these knives are made in the same way they have been made for generations. Each generation adds some new knowledge to the knifemaking process.
One of the oldest families of knifesmiths have been hammering steel since 1610 and continue to produce award winning knives today.