How to order

      Below each product image is the 'Buy' button. If you click this button, the item will be added to your personal shopping basket. You can always add and remove items from your basket.

After you have chosen the items you want to order, you need to register. At the registration you fill in your name, address, country, continent and e-mail address (no credit card number).
The shop uses this data for calculating the right shipping fees and deducting the Austrian VAT if you live outside the European Union.

After registration you can see your shopping basket with the total amount due and than you are asked to enter the method of payment. Your credit card data are sent in an encoded secure way.

If you are already a customer of you only need to log in and make your order. It is not necessary to send credit card information or other information for one order a second time. You always can login and change your personal data at any time. Your credit card information want't be saved at your personal data information. At this reason you must reenter your credit card information at every new order! This is a security reason!
If you have further questions about how to order, please feel free to ask us at <? require(""); ?>.