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application for:
-care of weapons: BALLISTOL spray neutralizes and bewares of powderrest, lead, copper, and Tombacdeposit. Doesn't resinify, comes into minute tears, releases contamination of oil. Cleans, tends and preserves leather stramp.
-care car: BALLISTOL spray bewares Cr-pieces polished and free of rust.
-Leathercare: BALLISTOL spray makes try leather soft and makes it water resistant. Ideal for boots, saddle, bridle and strap.
-household: Weather for sewing machine, bicycle or motorcycle: BALLISTOL spray cleans and cares and beweares rust. BALLISTOL Spray keeps pewter-surface polished.
-Garden: BALLISTOL spray care gardening-tools, lawnmower, scissors, and much more.
-Industry and handicraft: BALLISTOL spray cares maschines and gardens. For tools and for loosing of rusted screws. Ingrediantes: 200 ml