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Russian Leverlock switchblade knives strong spring, certificate, Sniper Promotion!

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Original Russian made switchblade Automatic knives Model Sniper with strong spring, leverlock function, kaukasiche walnut wood handle. The blade is in the opened position locked as at a folding lockblade knife. Stainless steel bolsters. It is a high quality blade steel with 0,95% carbon and 18% Chromium. Mirror polished blade. The automatic knife is made by Medteh in Russia.
Technical details (in the bracket are the manufacture datas as on the certificate)
opened length 20.6 cm (20.0 cm +- 1 cm),
blade length 8.7 cm (8.5 cm +- 0.4 cm)
blade width 2.1 cm (2.2 cm +- 3 cm)
blade thickness 0.25 cm (0.25 cm +- 0.05 cm)
handle length 11.9 cm (11.5 cm +- 0.5 cm)
handle width in the middle of the handle 2.5 cm (2.5 cm +- 0.3 cm)
handle thickness in the middle of the handle 1.7 cm (1.7 cm +- 0.3 cm)
blade hardness HRC 53-55 (50,0 +- 10)
The informations in the bracket are from the russian manufacture as in the certificate including the deviation. the informations outside the bracket is from us. We made a control at 10% from the deliveried products. The steel alloy is 0.95% Carbon and 18% chromium. As example the alloy from 440 B Steel is approx. 0,75% carbon and 13,7% Chromium. The knife come with a original certificate copy.