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Boker Damascus Steel knife of the year

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Damascus steel blades are hand-forged in the painstaking tradition perfected over 2000 years ago. It is a process that reaches perfection in the talented hands of the master craftsman, whose keen eye and sharp skill give birth to blades of exquisite metallic artistry, each composed of steel hundereds of layers thick, each as unique as a fingerprint. Masame Tsukuri is the Japanese term for forging Damascus steel like wood grain. In Europe, it is called Wild Damascus, which is used for the first time for this special annual knife. The structure is a natural result of the forging process, rather than an embossing die (tool). The connoisseur of the international cutlery industry will recognize that we used the patented Spyderhole. The friends of Boker at SPYDERCO in Colorado granted exclusive permission to use it for our annual Damascus knife. Thank you, Spyderco! Specially selected 300-year-old root wood from a nut tree, air-dried 10 years, is equivalent to the Boker standards for an exclusive collectors series. Presented in a wooden gift box. Limited to 999 pieces worldwide. Overall length 7 inches. Blade length 2 3/4 inches. Weight 4.8 oz.