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Hirschhorn Swing Guard

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Springmesser 28 cm geöffnete Länge, Hirschhorngriff, bewegliche Parrierstangen, pollierte Klinge aus rostfreiem AISI 420B Stahl, halber Wellenschliff!

Bewertungen (2)

A beautiful knife, very uncommon as to compared to the usual stiletto. One of the few you see with a serrated edge, although I understand you can have this done to any knife so long as you let Robert or Martin know ahead of time. Still this is a wonderful knife to have for your collection. You will not be sorry. By the way, the web site says the blade is 420, the tang on the actual knife says 440, slightly a better grade of steel
well made. very thick stag. opens with ausome speed, and the sound is really way cool, and loud. some slight blade wobble when open, but certainly nothing that a careful tap or two of the blade rivet wouldnt cure. im pleased.

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